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Get an overview on some of my current and past projects. Most of them involve neuro-control, neuroevolution, robotics control and software development.


Get to know my open source software projects and get the most recent software updates, plug-ins, related utilities and scripts.

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News and Updates

30.07.2013 : Leaving the Osnabr├╝ck University

I will not continue with this website further. My work at the Osnarb├╝ck University is done and I will move on to industry (BMW Group). See you there with new exciting projects!

15.12.2012 : New Blog: CyberCodez

The relaunch of the last two web sites reminded me of my long fostered plans to start a blog on neuro-evolution and neuro-control. Well, I started one yesterday at cybercodez.x-bot.org! On that blog I will not only talk about the above mentioned topics, but also on issues related to programming and technologies. Enjoy reading!

13.12.2012 : Website Launch: NERD Documentation Project

To improve the documentation of the NERD Toolkit and to collect all documenations in a single, public place, we launched the new NERD Documentation Project page at nerddoc.x-bot.org! The page provides tutorials, an FAQ, a forum and a comment system! We are currently looking for participants to help improve the documentation of the NERD Toolkit! If you're interested in trying NERD, just drop me a line!

1.11.2012 : First Release of the New Homepage

The first preliminary version of the new homepage is online now. The goal of this page is to distribute some ideas and project results on neuro-control, neuroevolution and animat research in a simple format. Here, also unpublished and minor results are presented, that - as I belief - are still interesting for the one or the other. Especially if you're new to these topics, you can get a bunch of information on this site, including the state-of-the-art software applications needed to start out with your own research projects. Most abstracts about projects, software and neuro-control do not link to detailed descriptions yet. These will be added during the next few weeks. So if you're interested in details, come back in a while or contact me directly!