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Pointing with Humanoids

A Neural Network for a Roboust Pointing Behavior for Humanoid Robots

Details on this project will be added soon!

Related Publications:

  • Ferry Bachmann, Christian W. Rempis, Frank Pasemann, "A Library of Basic Behaviors for the A-Series", Technical Report (EU Project ALEAR), Osnabrück University, Germany, 2009.
  • F. Pasemann, C. W. Rempis, and A. von Twickel, “Evolving humanoid behaviors for language games”, in Language Grounding in Robots (L. Steels and M. Hild, eds.), pp. 67-86, Springer US, 2012.
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  • EU Project ALEAR: No. ICT 214856 (ALEAR Articial Language Evolution on Autonomous Robots) http://www.alear.eu